SpiceIsland All- Starz

SpiceIsland All-StarZ is a non-profit organization. This organization was set up as a full-fledged response to simple comments made lately that “Grenada has tremendously talented sports people of promise who need avenues to achieve greatness”. To this, our organization’s collective voice and efforts intends to make a statement “we will help provide the opportunities”.

Our primary aim is to create and maintain a non-partisan forum to assist Grenadian sports persons, especially track and field athletes, take their athletic talents to another level at overseas educational facilities. Our plans are taking strides into reality in the form of this non-profit organization. Our goal is to seek out and recruit Grenadian athletes living in the United States and at home to compete and represent their native homeland. Additionally, our forum will offer avenues through which members and other interested individuals can interact and learn of issues at home and on the international level that have a bearing on their careers and lives. With the help of Grenada sports associations many Grenadian athletes have obtained help to attend colleges in the U.S. and others have worked hard to earn sports scholarships.

SpiceIsland All-Starz (SIAS) will work assiduously to assist these athletes in obtaining sports scholarships by presenting their information to colleges and high school coaches. Any athlete willing to explore these options may contact our organization, and together we will work doing the best to help our countrymen and women utilize their talents to the fullest

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