Scope: The SARO is a problem-solving, non-political, non-partisan group of concerned St. Andrew’s professionals working through ad hoc committees

Goal: Our goal is to provide relief in an equitable manner to the people of St. Andrew thereby ensuring the restoration of a level of normalcy to the utilities, security, health and general living standards in the parish.

Philosophy: Relief should lead to further development and we make a desperate effort to get the concepts across to our people so that we can see a NEW Grenada emerging in the near future.

Brief History: It has often been said that “Necessity is the Mother of Inventions” and SARO is a living example. SARO was invented out of necessity: When a few individuals came together within 24 hours after the passing of Hurricane Ivan to determine the way forward for restoration and reconstruction of St. Andrew. Immediately after Hurricane Ivan’s passage, it was realized that we were on our own. There was no national operating NERO or Government operating to restore normalcy and there was a dire need for the utilities to be up and running. Potable water was the first priority followed by emergency medical services, access to gasoline and diesel, garbage disposal, electricity and security.