Big Apple Social Club

“The Big Apple Social Club” as it is currently known is based in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. Our primary goal is to make a difference in each other’s life, especially those who are in need.

At the inception, when the club was known as “Apple Sport’s Club” in the 1970’s, the club was formed to keep young people off the streets and keep our community entertained and as close knit as possible so that we would not lose our culture. The club became famous for playing dominoes and card games.

In 1977, we celebrated our first dance which was a resounding success. Our success has spanned twenty-nine years. Some of our achievements over the years include trips to England in 1982 and 1986 where our club prevailed as champions in the Domino Tournaments. Additionally, in 1983 we were champions in the Alliance Card Championship in Brooklyn.

Our mission is to provide assistance to those in need both here and in our homelands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. We have made donations to many notable causes some of which include the following:
o Disaster relief efforts for victims of Hurricanes Ivan and Emily on the Island of Grenada, Petite Martinique and Carriacou.
o Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief
o Donations to seriously ill members of our community
o Book funding to students entering college


Roy McKenzie