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How can I find what I'm looking for

How to download music

How to organize music when downloading

How to produce CD from MP3


How can I find what I'm looking for?

Browse (by artists, by title, genre, occasion, latest arrivals, artist country, top sellers)
How to download music:

Find the title of the song you want to purchase.
Click the buy button to the right of the song name.
You are now in the shopping cart section:
All details of the song you have selected will be in your shopping basket (title, singer, price, etc.).
If you are done shopping, click CHECKOUT
If you want to buy other songs, click CONTINUE SHOPPING
If you click CONTINUE SHOPPING, you will be returned to the previous page and you can continue browsing and making more selections which will be added to your shopping basked.
If you click CHECKOUT
You will be asked to enter your credit card info in our secured checkout area. (look for closed padlock)
You will be asked to verify your info. If you entered the credit card information incorrectly, you will be asked to reenter your credit card info.
Click SUBMIT to finalize your purchase.
Once your credit card is approved, you will. immediately be provided with a link to download the song or several links if you have bought more than one song. You are then free to download the song(s) to your computer and/or transfer to your MP3 player
How to organize music when downloading:

Organizing your music makes it easy to find the songs you are looking for in the future. Here are a few simple examples of how to organize your music on a typical PC:
1) Go into My Computer
2) Select the C drive
3) Create a New Folder called My Music
4) Inside My Music make Main folders called  Soca, Reggae, Country, Holiday, etc.
5) Inside the Soca folder make Subfolders called  Grenada Soca, Jump and wave, etc.
6) Inside Reggae folder make Subfolders called  Dancehall, Conscious, Lovers rock, etc.
7) Inside Holiday folder make Subfolders called  Parang, Independence, Festival, etc.

The idea is My Music folder > Main Genres folder > Sub Genres folder
How to produce CD from MP3:

First you need to download this neat little program called Gogo MP3 to CD Burner click here to download .

Once downloaded, click the .exe files to setup and install the software.

1) Open the Gogo MP3 to CD Burner Software
2) Click Add Files Button >> to select the MP3 files from your computer you want to
     burn to CD
4) Click Add file again if you need to add more MP3 files
5) Insert blank CD into CD burning drive
6) Click Burn CD to start the burning process.

Remember files cannot exceed 74 Minutes on a CD

Thatís it guys.