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Fellow Grenadians, once again I bring you greetings from my family and the cabinet for a wonderful season at this special time of the year. Despite the many challenges associated with this difficult period in the world’s history, the atmosphere of goodwill, peace and caring that permeates this time of the year is always comforting and joyous. As we reflect individually and collectively on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, his example and messages are quite germane and relevant to us today. The messages of love, self-sacrifice, sharing, frugality and constant prayer, need to characterize all our lives as together we work to build a better Grenada. This is what in my view is necessary to bolster our resolve and to inspire hope as we chart the turbulent waters of economic survival. As we celebrate this season of good cheer, I want to encourage everyone to use this period to spend quality time with your family. To use this time to rekindle relationships with those you love and those who may have played a part in your growth, development and success. Similarly, we need to share with those who are less fortunate and to pay special attention to those who are vulnerable and needy. I urge that we return to our traditional ways of celebration including caroling and engagement in community activities that once characterized this period and made us unique. Let us all find creative ways to acknowledge and celebrate the birth of Christ despite the impediments and difficulties. Let us resolve to become more patriotic and united as we strive to build a better nation. A nation that will serve the needs of all, and lay a sustainable foundation for future generations. I take the opportunity at this time of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, to wish you a Merry Christmas and God’s blessings for a successful and prosperous 2010. I thank you.


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Prime Minister we wish you and your government a peaceful and happy new year and hope that the lord will guide you and your government to continue doing the right thing for our people all our people and our country and that you will keep your mind focus on the promises made during the election. Sir we know that not all your election promises will be met but we pray that god will give you and thoes around you the good health and strenght to repell the distractors around you and get our country and our people back together again. one love.grenada. .
00By: gabe
12/29/2009 5:41:56 AM