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Brothers and sisters all, during this Christmas season I encourage you to truly give thanks to God and celebrate his sending us a saviour. In so doing we will remember that we should share with our neighbours the little that we have, particularly with the many in need. 2009 has been a trying year with divisions and frustrations. I exhort us therefore to use the Christmas season to inject some joy and merriment into our lives. We have been with you throughout the year raising funds in the process, and we thank you for your generous support. We have used the proceeds to assist and lift the spirit of the needy during the Christmas season. I encourage you to prioritize your giving as we did, by joining us in ensuring first and foremost that the poor do not go hungry while we engage in the other Christmas activities. 2010 will present its challenges-grave challenges. This is more reason for taking a brief respite and enjoying the traditions of Christmas even though we may not have the usual goodies. Let us appreciate each other, forgetting the clouds for the time being while enjoying the sunlight. To all Grenadians home and abroad, and to the residents of St. George South-East in particular, I wish for us an enjoyable and reflective Christmas and that we continue our journey of hope together in the coming year 2010; looking towards the promise that Jesus brought us- and through him a better future for all Grenada. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE DURING THE NEXT YEAR


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Hi Bowen, You are still around? Where have you been hiding
00By: sheila jones
12/27/2009 7:47:16 PM