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Grenada’s Prime Minister Keith Mitchell has made a special request of his Jamaican counterpart, Andrew Holness to get Jamaica’s superstar multiple Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt, to Grenada for the inaugural invitation track and field meet on April 8 at the National Athletics Stadium, St George’s.

Mitchell made the personal request of Holness when the two met recently at a regional meeting in Jamaica.

“I told him that he has to bring Usain Bolt to us on the 8th of April,” Mitchell announced in the keynote address at an independence anniversary gala of the Grenada Association (Toronto).

“The prime minister has promised to do everything in his power to have Usain Bolt in Grenada,” the Grenadian leader said.

“So, when you come to Grenada on the 8th, sisters and brothers, you are going to meet the best in the world and the top athletes. Your little country, this ‘Spice Country’, will be hosting the top athletes of the world,” he added.

Source: Caribbean News Now


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Gabe, wake up and smell the coffee. The Hon. Dr. Keith Mitchell is using the Usain Boltinvitation as a distraction from what is happening politically. The actions taken by his recommendation/appointment of the queen's kitchen slave - LA Grenade is reaping havoc throughout political arena and is having a devastating impact on the NNP main contender - the NDC. Once again, with the removal of members Keith ' main opponents 70 year old party members from the political scene, the NNP is guaranteed to lead Grenada for the next 20 or so years. Yes, he is 71 years old. The people are not asking questions as to why she did not go after him as well. She is not calling on to resign. Therefore, the PM'S request to PM Holness of Jamaica to have Bolt attend the inauguration, is definitely a distraction from what is happening politically on the ground.
10By: The Observer
3/18/2017 12:58:09 AM
The Grenada PM yes our very own Dr.Kcm is putting feelers out to the PM of Jamaica to squeeze and grease hands to do all in their power to get Mr Usain Bolt to grenada for the coming inaugural game,good idea some might say but hey our Pm dont do nothing for nothing especially with the view that an election some might say is in the AIR and smartman Mitchell is going all out to do what he is best at and some might even say that if he Mitchell has so much friends in high places can he also ask the Bolt camp to forfeit his appearance cost thus easing the high cost of the entry free for our already cash starved people who may wish to attend especially with such a high profile person like Mr Bolt ,and Prime Minister while you are at it inviting high profile people to aide the Mitchell election campaigne why not invite our very own Mr Kirani James for he is also our very own and only world Champion or have you forgotten.
151By: gabe
2/23/2017 7:01:47 AM