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The Grenada government says it will introduce a National Health Insurance by the end of June.

Implementation Minister Emmalin Pierre, addressing the convention of the ruling New National Party (NNP) on Sunday night, said that the programme will be rolled out within the next three months and will be available for all nationals.

“We believe that healthcare is a fundamental right that every citizen must have access to. Just as we believe that education is a right, so we believe that healthcare and the services must be a right to our people.”

The scheme will be the first for Grenada and while the details of the type of health care services were not given, the minister did not state whether a cost ceiling would be applied to the scheme that would be managed by the National Insurance Scheme.

“We are introducing in collaboration with the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) because we are very confident that the NIS is a reputable organisation best suited to manage the affairs for the National Health Insurance.

“So brothers and sisters when we launch this initiative and when the registration process begins it means that you would have access to a special card; and this means that you will have access to a list of services including some of our diagnostic like those that you access from Spice Isle Imaging on the Carenage (a private medical diagnostic and imaging company).

“We are saying the time has come that you walk to Spice Isle Imaging with your card and nobody has to ask you who you are, which constituency you came from, which insurance you [are] in or how much money you have or don’t have.

“We are saying proper healthcare must be a right of the people of Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique,” she told party supporters.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell told supporters that the upcoming campaign for the general election constitutionally due next year, but widely expected to be held this year, will be one in his party will spending more time boasting about its positive achievement.

“We will run a positive campaign…we have enough positive to boast about,” he said, even as supporters were called up to cease from engaging in activities that can bring embarrassment to the ruling party.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell told the supporters that the upcoming campaign will be one in his party will spending more time boasting about its positive achievement.

“We will run a positive campaign…we have enough positive to boast about,” he said.

“Let us do what is right for the party, cease from making those mistakes that will destroy our party,” said Social Development and Housing Minister Delma Thomas.

“Stop giving the opposition ammunition,” she told the supporters amid reports last week that the police had been called in to probe allegations of fraud within the government’s housing programme.

The investigation is focusing on the falsification of documents of procurement for building materials and other construction items.

Source: ja observer


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This is a great and strategic political move on the part of the Minister Pierre and PM Mitchell. To classify the implementation of a national health insurance scheme as a right to free health care is a scam and hoax. People, are you actually saying that the ordinary and unemployed, underemployed, seniors without pension and government financial support would not be subjected any fee for care or monthly health care premium? Who would be financing or where is the money going to come from to financial the health care system? Grenadians ought suspicious if the health INSURANCE CARD. Believe me, this new system will further alienate the poor from proper health care. The new system is basically a ploy by the NNP to ensure their victory at the next election cycle. My problem here is that most of our people are too gullible and would see the implementation of the health scheme as a good thing without fully understanding a large percentage of the population will not be able to seek medical attention for free at any of our health clinics ad=nd hospitals. Simultaneously, it's very troubling that the NDC does not have a better plan in place, or in a position to expose the motive of the NNP.
30By: The Observer
4/14/2017 8:05:56 PM
A Quote of both the PM and Ms Delma Thomas at the recently held Nnp convention and i quote "Brothers and Sister Lets do right for the party and cease from making mistakes that will destroy the party"and an example was given with reference to an on going fraud investigation involving government personnels and housing and building materials particular within the parish of St.Patrick, and so i ask both Ms Delma Thomas and Prime minister Mitchell is the Nnp party Grenada or is the Nnp a political Party in Grenada and which comes first grenada or the Nnp party and if the latter is first then is such a statement not setting a trend on dangerous ground and could result in a kind of political sectarian mindset and behavious as was the norm during the Uncle Gairy reign with his Mongoose gang.
80By: gabe
4/10/2017 7:50:18 AM