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Grenada’s health care system, on May 9, embarked upon a more reliable, readily accessible and accountable approach to medical records management.
It’s called Electronic Medical Records or EMR.

Hon. Nickolas Steele, Minister for Health and Social Security says the system is implemented to cut back on costs, improve the workflow of health care providers and enhance the overall quality of care in the medical practice on island.

“The most significant part of the Electronic Medical Records is, as we say, 'one patient - one record', and that record follows the patient around wherever they choose to access the system.
So, individuals can go to the north at Princess Alice and take an X-ray, get on a bus, come to the general hospital or a doctor in St. George’s and be able to access their records there.

They would not have to replicate or re-do tests etc. So, there’s considerable savings in that immediately, ”Minister Steele said.

Among other benefits, the minister said the system will have a direct link to pharmacies, and patients who need to travel will have access to information that will give practitioners abroad a comprehensive understanding of their medical history and current state of health.

“The records of a patient are accessible to the patients, if they want to give to a foreign doctor.

You can travel to the US and you can give the doctor that you see your records. It will not have the local doctor’s notes, but it will have the results of all the tests that you have done.
It’s your discretion to give and not be at the mercy to have to come back to beg for those results here in Grenada , or have to retake those tests wherever you are, if you’re looking for a second opinion,” the health minister said.

Minister Steele says the EMR, along with other advances in the sector, such as Phase 2 of the General Hospital, the commissioning of the newly refurbished gynecological ward and the soon-to-be rolled out National Health Insurance are all indications that Grenada’s health care sector is headed in the right direction.



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My Bro. Gabe, the EMR is an excellent tool in the advancement of health care. Unfortunately, since nothing is is held in in confidence here in Grenada especially among those with access to our medical records, I am afraid those with full access to our medical records will be make public the health conditions of those who fall victims to certain health conditions. For example, do you recall what occurred to some members of society who got tested for HIV/AIDS? Many of those who Se results came back positive were ostracized before they even knew they had the disease. The news got to their villages and communities before they got back home or were told. EMR is great for all of us, however, if people are not held accountable and punished when in violation, then have a problem. on the issue of the losing the babies: unless our legal system is improved where the victims can take action and sue their doctors and health care syste for malpractice and damages, we'll continue to see reoccurrenced like this.
50By: The Observer
5/20/2017 7:04:39 AM
Thank you Bro.The Observer for enlightening and straight to the point post,and yes i do agree with on points as to the EMR and confidentiality is the key factor here,as to the issues of these babies dying yes i am looking into this matter from an investigative point of view because the mothers and fathers and their families of these dying babies needs answers.Bless.
By: gabe
5/22/2017 9:26:03 AM
The R.Hon Minister for Health care in Grenada sir this new thing you call EMR, some might say sounds a bright idea but how and who is financing this pet baby and while we are on about baby/babies i am hoping and praying that you having admitted that there is something very wrong is going on in that building we call a hospital in St.Georges where recently three mothers lost their babies it is said within a few days of each other we sincerely hope that this was not all talk with no action because Mr Steele some of the behaviour and stories coming from that hospital is just not of a professional nature and sir we hope that justice will prevail and be seen to be done where these families of the mothers who have lost their beautiful new born babies under questionable issues are concern and answers and accountability is required for there is no oher way but the right and just way ,yes some bone heads may say that this wont bring these babies back but at least it would bring some assurance to our intended mothers and fathers and their families and will go a long way to assure trust in our main Medical Hospitals here in Grenada.
190By: gabe
5/12/2017 7:37:09 AM