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The Government of Grenada views with concern and dismisses as total falsehood, a blogpost by convicted criminal-turned-financial-analyst, one Kenneth Rijock, in which he alleges that Henley and Partners, one of several approved marketing agents of Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment programme, took money from someone with a promise to secure a diplomatic passport from Grenada for that person.

The Government of Grenada, through the Office of the Prime Minister, under whose auspices lies the CBI programme, categorically refutes any knowledge of this allegation or activity. This blogpost by Rijock is bogus in its entirety.

The Government of Grenada does not even have a Diplomatic Passport Programme in the first place, and is therefore not in the business of selling Diplomatic passports to anyone.

Further, the Government of Grenada through its CBI programme, has no knowledge of such a claim leveled against Henley and Partners, outside of this blogpost.

The article refers that the agents involved in this scheme is Henley and Partners. We note that Henley and Partners have since released a statement categorically denying all aspects of this report and hinting at legal action against Rijock.

It is important to note that the source of the report is also an American so-called financier, who has been charged and convicted, spending time in Federal Prison for money laundering. He also has numerous other complaints leveled against him for libel, including a recent lawsuit against him by the Government of Dominica for making similar claims against that country’s Citizenship By Investment Programme.

Rijock has no credibility in regional and international financial circles, and from his blogpost, it is also clear that he has no knowledge of Grenada’s Citizenship By Investment Programme and its laws and operations.

The Government of Grenada reaffirms its commitment to protecting the integrity of Grenada’s CBI programme, which has been lauded internationally, and most recently by the International Monetary Fund, for being the “Gold Standard for transparency and having a sound legislative framework” among all regional CBI programmes.




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You-Grenadines would never be satisfied unless you take a few steps back and rethink the way you make social, political and financial decisions. Most of you think about yourselves, seeking immediate gratification especially where food, clothing and spending of money is concerned. Some of you are so gullible...acting like some with a drug dependency. In most circumstances you don't think for yourselves more question the rumors that a self-elevating and self-promoting person brings you. A great number of you wiLl dish out your venous of hate on innocent people simply because you don't think for yourselves. Please Grenadians: remember ignorance is too costly to be ignored. Small minded people discuss or I'll talk about others. Average minded people discuss events. Big minded people seeking and discuss solutions to problems. Since I'm only observing, I challenge you to ask questions the next time a small mindef person comes to you gossips or rumors about another individual.
70By: The Observer
9/24/2017 3:10:36 AM
But they ,Government would say that,what alse do we expect from this government who have been conducting grenada business over the years with some very dogdy people,example that levara financier/ investor and previously that the CALL Center,also the PIG farm in Victoria ,St.Marks to name a few,for as the saying goes there is no smoke without fire and it is fair to say that something very fishy is doing down in spice isle and only the TRUTH will set this government free. Grenada needs to be free from all this negative types of political behavious more so under this questionable party in government.
170By: gabe
9/11/2017 7:36:09 AM
Gabe, those investments you mentioned here were great ideas and investmeets which, if managed properly would have created badly needed jobs, put a dent in the unemployment rate, boister the local economy. Unfortunately, since we as a people are so conditioned into thinking and putting ourselves instead of community and country, thr chanxes of anything becoming a success will definitely be quite slim. The "Crabs in the barrel" mentality must be exposed.
By: The Observer
9/24/2017 3:19:38 AM