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Our hearts bleed once again with the nation, with the unimaginable sexual abuse and senseless killing of another of our children.

These occurrences are now too regular, and these stories are too abhorrent to fathom.

The death of little Ariel Bhola, alien to our values and who we are as a people, affects us all.

We shall not–and must not—remain numb nor silent in the face of unspeakable evil.

And while the Government is set to budget even more again for child protection in the coming period; and while stronger legislation has been drafted to take tougher stances against abusers, we are afraid that this won’t be enough until our collective consciences are shaken, and we as a people find the resolve to take back our communities.

It is not enough for us to shrug our shoulders and dismiss it as the way of the world.

Our nation must establish its own creed of virtue and righteousness that transcends religion, politics and social strata.

Even so, I am taking to cabinet this week fresh proposals for additional measures including the establishment of a child sexual abuse registry that will be part of the wave against this trend.

It is an issue that was already under discussion, and which we must fast track.

Officials and counselors from the Ministry of Social Services have been in touch with the family, as we continue to provide all the necessary support in the circumstances. Those services will continue as long as they are needed.

I have also had a conversation with family members—one of the most difficult conversations any human being could have, where words are never enough.

Minister for Health Hon. Nickolas Steele has also been instrumental in getting support services for the affected family.

As Minister for Social Services, but more importantly as a mother and daughter, I am personally moved and offended by this tragedy.

My prayers and condolence go out to the family and to the community, even while knowing that this is little comfort in these terrible times.



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Until our community and government collaborate on measures to protect and safeguard our vulnerable citizens, we'll continue to experience such barbaric acts by the undesirables among us. Grenadians must vigilant, and at simultaneously, feel comfortable and safe enough to embrace the motto "See Something. Say Something." We all are an eye, an ear and a voice for each other. Growing up as a kid (about 10 years old),I can vividly remember a 10 year old girl en-route from a village shop (an errand for her mom) being snatched and repeatedly raped for almost a day by two grown men in a nearby village. Unfortunately because her parents were poor and not too literate, lacked the social support or well connected, both men bit those charges. Why? their families had the financial means and were able to hire attorneys to go up against those poor folks. Hon. Delma Thomas, I applaud your efforts regarding the implementation of laws to protect our vulnerable citizens especially our children and senior citizens. It's my hope that you'd attached to your legislation the registration of every sex offended, a life long probation and ongoing registration at respective police stations of those who commit violent crimes against citizens.
10By: The Observer
11/27/2017 6:41:20 PM
Hon.Delma Thomas i applaud your comment at such a sad and most telling time in this family life,having read your comments i find it hard to believe that not once did you mention as to what part or action your government is going to take where the law is concern in eradicating this nasty culture of sexual and other forms of abuse against the less fortunate in our society in dealing with these abusers starting from top to bottom in our society that is affecting our country and our people and in doing so will send a strong message to those abusers that if you do the crime you WILL serve the Time, example a long life sentence.
110By: gabe
11/15/2017 6:19:12 AM
I think that the Government of Grenada need to get more tough with sexual abuse to minor we need to bring back the death penalty on those murders
By: Hazel
11/17/2017 8:19:59 PM
We simply need to go back to hanging or the lethal injection. Once the defendant is found guilty. Let's give him five years to exhaust all appeals and within the sixth year the hanging should take place. Forget all these so called Jamaican trained wash-me-foot overnight lawyers we have in Grenada. Hang the murderers.
By: Littleboy
11/20/2017 5:27:23 AM