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NNP Executive Member Plans to Take Legal Action Against the Party


NOVEMBER 10,2007
by Wallace J.A

GRENADA - An executive member of the ruling New National Party, Kem Jones, has threatened to take legal action against the party.

Kem Jones, who was elected onto the NNP Executive as a floor member, alleges that he was expelled from an emergency executive meeting of the party on Wednesday under police escort. Jones claims that the emergency meeting on was chaired by political leader of the party and Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, to discuss issues that he had raised in a previous executive meeting with respect to a member of the executive ‘leaking information’ to outside sources.

Jones claims that he was asked to vacate his seat as a floor member at the meeting after he had spoken out against matters that he was in disagreement with. It is believed that Jones may have refused to leave the meeting after been asked to do so and had also decided against meeting with a two-member committee that was set up to meet with him before making recommendations to the executive.

Jones contends that “the question as to whether or not an offense against the party has been committed shall be determined by a 5 member disciplinary committee which shall be annually appointed by the party executive.” Kem stated that the five-member disciplinary committee had not been set up and it was against this background that he had refused to meet with the two member committee.

Kem Jones has since resigned from the NNP and plans to take legal action against it for violation of his constitutional rights. At a press conference, Jones informed the public that they will hear more from him about this issue and more in the days and weeks ahead. He is represented by Attorney-at-law Ruggles Ferguson - President of the Grenada Bar Association and one of the most high-profile attorneys in the country.

A release from the New National Party on Thursday, signed by the Public Relations Officer Ronald Straker, stated that Jones is no longer authorized to conduct any activity on behalf of the New National Party until further notice.

The public reactions to the Jones matter have been mixed. Many persons who support opposition parties seem to see the Jones saga as an indication that the NNP is weakening in terms of its support and feel that the young man is taking the correct course of action. Supporters of the NNP, on the other hand, have been expressing sheer disappointment in their former colleague, referring to his behavior as being very irrational, disrespectful and impulsive. Yet still, there are some who feel that irrespective of one’s political affiliation, there is a code of conduct that dictates that if you have disagreements with members of your organization on certain matters, it is somewhat puerile, distasteful and lacking in decorum to organize a ‘media-fest’ and ‘spill-all’ to the public.


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Thank you for your contributions.
00By: W J A
11/14/2007 5:37:22 AM
I think the news article was merely an objective, apolitical presentation of information with respect to the 'facts' surrounding the incident and the ensuing reaction of the public to the incident. It was not an investigative report nor was it an editorial.
00By: Double you
11/14/2007 5:35:37 AM
W, J.A., ,does the party or any other party have a law on secrecy? Unless that is the case, whether it be NNP, NDC, GULP who ever then there is nothing debarring an individual from speaking his.her mind oever anything that is viewed as wrong by them. It would be a different if the situiation was about state matters and was confidential/secret information that would make the state vulnerable - State secrets! AND How were they able to have poilce throw the man out of the meeting unless he was causing a disturbance or not entitled to be there? A few things seem to have gone wrong over theis episode. Please enlighten me. Thanks
00By: bayrum
11/11/2007 7:30:31 AM