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Grynberg willing to apologize to Grenada’s Energy Minister


By Wallace J.A
Inside Grenada correspondent
Thursday December 28,2006

GRENADA - Jack Grynberg of RSM, the man who has alleged that Grenada’s Energy Minister, Hon. Gregory Bowen had asked him for a ‘bribe’ in order to get a license to explore for oil and natural gas in Grenada’s territorial waters, is now apparently willing to apologize to the Energy Minister providing that certain conditions are met.

According to a reliable news source, Grynberg has written a letter addressed to Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, (dated December 14, 2006) in which he stated that RSM has been in negotiations with a prospective partner and operator who has shown an interest in the RSM-Grenada production license. If accepted by the Government of Grenada, Grynberg expressed his willingness to bring to an end the arbitration before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and the much talked about court action that he has filed in the US. The letter further stated that if the license is once again awarded to RSM, then he would be willing to offer a full public apology to Minister Bowen.

Since the news concerning the ‘bribery allegations’ against Minister Bowen broke in Grenada, the minister has faced a barrage of criticisms from many persons. Some members belonging to opposition parties in the country have made accusations of corruption against him and the government and have suggested that the Minister step-down from office.

The contents of the letter were first made known during Minister Bowen’s contribution to the budget debate which was held earlier on this month at the Trade Center in Grand Anse. Mr. Bowen has always insisted that he had not solicited any bribe and that he was innocent of the charge made against him.


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