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Who should sign up for GC Music Connection?
If you are a musical artist or creator of digital content for sale (music, poetry, folk songs, etc.) and have the rights to sell the music/poetry etc.
How do I sign up?
1) Click this link and fill out form to create a User Account (see sample here)
2) Once inside Click Create a Business Account
3) Select Entertainment then Musical Artist
4) Enroll as an artist
What digital music format we accept?
For now we accept MP3 only (Full CD sales coming soon)
What if I donít have MP3s?
As long as you have your music on a CD it can be converted to MP3 format. Vinyl and Cassette tape can also be converted to MP3.
How Do I convert my CD's to MP3s?
Download one of these tools (click here)
How do I upload music?
Once your User account is created and you enroll as an artist Login then From the Musical Artist Main Menu click My Music then add Music.
(click here for video)
What happens when my music is sold?
1) You get instant email notification saying your music was just purchased
2) From the email or website you can log in to your account to see report of all your sales (from who, when, what was purchased)
How do I get paid?
At the bottom of the sales report in the accounting section of your back office, you click on submit a claim (see sample here). GC Music Connection will receive this claim and pay you through WU or Pay Pal.
Can I view claims Iíve already made?
Yes they would be stored in the Past Claims or Archives section for you to review in your back office.
Are there any fees?
Click here to see
Joining GC Music Connection
How much money will I receive per song?
You will receive 50Ę
Will the percentage or money I recieve ever Change?
It's possible, but we will certainly notify you of any changes.
Are there any other fees?
Bank fees (21 cents + 2.75% per transaction - these fees are absorbed by us and sometimes passed on to the buyer if they are buying less than $2.00 worth). 
Note: Artists are responsible for paying their own taxes based on State and Federal requirements of the country where they reside.
What is the price per song to the buyer?
The default price per song is 99Ę US. Custom price per specific songs must be requested.
Do I upload the Download song and Playback sample separately?
No. You just upload the whole song - but you tell us how much of the song you want playback for sample (20%, 30%, 40% or 50%). Our system will take care of the rest.
How do I set my sample playback length?
You have the option to sample 20%, 30%, 40% even 50% of the uploaded song to be played back as a sample. (This sample play back length is independently set per song upon upload)