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How to Create My Account
How to Convert My CD Music to MP3 for Uploading
How to Upload My Music

How to Create My Account:

There are 2 simple steps to creating an account on Caribbean Music Connection:

1st Create a >> main account (click here). This master account allows you to login anywhere on our network (e.g. classifieds, job listings). You can only have one main account.

2nd Create a >> business/user account. This sub-account enables you to offer products and services to the public. Here is where you will sell your music or your carnival costumes or your books. You can have multiple business accounts under one master account. (Your account type will be under >> Entertainment Industry | Musical A rtist)

Need help or have questions? Contact us here

How to Convert My CD Music to MP3 for Uploading:

There are scores of different conversions software available on the market to produce MP3 audio files from a CD

Regardless of which conversion software you use, follow these simple rules:
MP3 (256KBps, constant bitrate recommended)
All audio file names must begin with a numeral, may not exceed 50 characters,
   and may not include any of the following reserved characters: < > : " / \ | ? * '
◙ Audio file names must end in an appropriate dot extension: ( .MP3)

Software Option #1 for Converting CD Music to MP3
First you need to download this neat little program called CD Ripper. It's free! Click here to download .

Once downloaded, click the .exe files to set up and install the software.
1) Open the CD Ripper Free Software
2) Insert the CD to be converted to MP3 into your computer's CD player
3) Select the track you want to rip by checking them of to the left of the track number
4) Select MP3 as the output format
5) Click show options in the bottom.
6) Set MP3 bitrate to 256 kbps
7) Set the output folder for the album name
8) Set the File Name Format to be [artist].[title]
9) Click Rip Now to convert your songs on the CD to MP3

Software Option #2 for Converting CD Music to MP3
Windows users can always use Windows Media Player to convert their CDs to MP3s.
Once the music CD is in the drive, look for the Rip button and just make sure of the following:
Your Format >> MP3
Your Bitrate >> 256kbps
Also check the path for the “Rip Music to this location” so you know where your song will end up.

Note: Not all CD converters work well with all operating systems. If the instructions here don't work on your system  search online to find one that is right for you.

Important! Always check every converted song, to be sure they sound A-OK


How to Upload My Music:

1) Login to your account. Click Here.
2) Go into your music manager by clicking on "My Business Accounts."
3) Click on Entertainment Industry | Artist.
4) Click on My Music then Add Music.
5) Select the Main Genre, Sub-Genre and Occasion best suited for the song you are about to upload of the music.
6) Click Next. Then type in the song name and click Browse to select your MP3 track from a folder on your computer.
7) Check off the Best Time to Play Song and other information associated with the song.
8) Click Submit to upload the song.

Note: If you do not fill in the pertinent information on the song it will make it difficult for people looking to buy your music to find it. It will also make it difficult for us to play it on Caribbean Music Connection Radio.