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The Next Step: Starting School
Beginning school is one of the most important events in a child's life. Inevitable it entails significant changes in daily routine and there are several ways a parent can help a child with this big step.

Preparing for School
Preparation begins ideally at birth, as a child from a secure and loving family background generally finds it easier to adapt to school life.

--Encourage your preschooler to take an interest in a wide variety of topics. Parents can help by talking to them, reading stories, and taking time to answers questions with care.

--Make sure your child is aware of basic tools of the educational trade: books, pencils, paints, scissors and paper.

--Playing with other children outside his own home helps accustom a child to being separated from his parents.

--Take your child for a visit to a school before he becomes a fulltime pupil if it can be arranged. Or take your child past the gate or the school yard may alleviate some of their fears and anxieties.

--Make sure your child knows how to dress and undress herself and take care of and recognise her own possessions. (Labelling them with her name is not advised but perhaps with a patch of color.)

--Teach your child to listen to and carry out simple instructions.
--Familiarize your child with the basics of road safety.

If children are well prepared for this major milestone, they will start off their formal academic career on the right foot which will be a great help in their future.

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