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As of this afternoon at 2.00pm a letter from United States Department of State confirmed that the Department of State made a determination on October 15th, 2001 that Keith Mitchell relinquished his citizenship on 20th June 1995. This new information from Government of the United States came about as a result of an inquiry from the Attorney General on Wednesday 29th October 2008 of the Department of Justice, requesting that that department reconfirm its original advice to the Attorney General. On Thursday October 30th the Attorney General received a phone call from the Department of Justice confirming the receipt of the request to reconfirm and the Department of Justice personnel indicated that that department had received communication that the original advice may not have been accurate and they were investigating. On the morning of 31st October 2008 the Attorney General received a phone call from the Department of Justice confirming that it had been informed by the Department of State that Keith Mitchell had ceased to be a citizen on 20th June, 1995 and that the Attorney General will be contacted by the Department of State. The Attorney General was subsequently contacted by the Department of State by telephone, which resulted in the letter from that department confirming the relinquishment of citizenship. The result of this is that the people of Grenada are finally aware of the true status of Keith Mitchell citizenship and that his election to the House of Representatives from 1984 up to the elections in June 1995 were in breach of section 31 of the Grenada constitution. Indeed his first stint as Prime Minister, from June of 1995, is also tainted with illegality, as at the time of that election, he was a citizen of the United States of America. This statement follows a commitment by the Attorney General to immediately provide an update as soon as information became available. Inside Grenada News


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People of this great islands of ours ok so MR KCM lied about his citizenship re the USA well to tell you the truth as Clark Gable once said i dont give a dammed because this man and his bunch have for long behaves as though grenada and its people had belongs to them and they take the view that they could do as they please without any reguards for the law of our country this is evidence in the way in which they have behave in the past so i call on the new government to adapt the policy of the great man Mr Nelson Mandela when he Unite South Africa re (conciliation) and if this fails then the only other option is that if the law was broken when this issues arises let the law deal with it, again i say that grenada is too small an island to be concerning its self with this type s of behaviour, my belief was that this type of things only happens in AFRICIAN countries and we do not want this behaviour here in i ask what is wrong with good old hornest politices so come on you politicians free our people from all this dogmas and falsehoods and get back to the truth and hornesty. one love grenada.
00By: gabe
11/3/2008 8:40:27 AM
Keith Mitchell has lied and deceived the people so much that no one even believes what he says even when we hear the truth. The truth is he and the others who cheated, lied and robbed the people should be doing hard time in jail.
00By: Goathorn Man
11/2/2008 4:45:00 AM
The facts are the facts.Keith lied to the people of Grenada.
00By: The Man
11/1/2008 8:45:20 PM
These people need to get they facts straight before they give people false information. This is not what the N.D.C. go their for to mind Keith business. Focus on what you got they to do please.
00By: Bj
10/31/2008 7:47:38 PM
Knowing these people the way I do, they will soon come up with a new controversy...just watch and see. What next will they dig-up? Mele for so!!! They should be the NMC (national Mele Congress!!
00By: Fair
10/31/2008 5:48:53 PM