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College Sports Recruiting

Most high school athletes dream of playing their sport at college level and being good enough to get a full-ride athletic scholarship. The reality is that most won't, but the really sad thing is that most won't even try. That's right, most don't even bother to submit an athletic profile to the college coaches, they think that athletic scholarships are for elite athletes only and don't bother even applying.

You don't have to be in the top 5% of your sport to be offered athletic scholarships. You might not be offered a full-ride sports scholarship at a Division 1 college but 60% might still make your dream come true. I keep telling Athletes everyday, "COLLEGE COACHES CAN'T RECRUIT YOU IF THEY DON'T KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE."

What does it take to play college sports and be in the running for athletic scholarships? Consider the following......
G. Grades. Do you have the grades or test scores to gain admission to college?
A. Ability. Do you have the athletic skills that a college coach values?
M. Motivation. How hard are you prepared to work to get a scholarship?
E. Exposure. Are you ready to market yourself to the college coaches?

These are just a few things you need to consider but the most important thing is your level of commitment towards achieving your goal of being awarded an athletic scholarship and playing college sport. Unless you are a blue-chip athlete then don't expect college coaches to just knock on your door. You have to make it happen.

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