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Education Connection


A Education package

Age Group Info
Preschool Daycare (how to choose, what to look for, government assistance), help your child get ready to learn,

Elementary (K-7) How to get your child into public school, private school vs. public school, Catholic school, after-school programs, citywide exams.

Junior High-High Choosing the right high schools (specialist high schools), how to get your child ready for college, importance of extracurricular activities, Regents exams, SATs, how to get recruited (a scholarship), choosing the right college

College entrance tests, college essays, paying for college (scholarship and grant info), making the Deanís list, surviving the Freshman blues, being away from home for the first time (how to deal with homesickness), to pledge or not to pledge

Continuing Education Technical schools and short-term courses (how to make them work for you), diversifying your skills, teaching an old dogs new tricks,

General articles
-how to overcome exam anxiety
-how we learn (learning styles)
-All about reading



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