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Pure SpiceNess 2010 DVD Promo



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- World wide shipping? yes we will ship world wide or next door if needed.

- Secured ordering? Yes
all our order are 100% secured using our secured gateway to process your payments.  You will leave for a little while but you will be redirected back to us once your transaction is done. We will never get to see your credit card information.  All of it is processed by our secured gateway and once processed & cleared within 24 to 48 hours your product is ready for shipment.

- Quality Assured? Yes
our products go thru a three tier test system to ensure that every product shipped has the GC quality & soundness embedded in it. It's our stand.

- Shipping Regularity!
orders are ship on Mon, Wed. & Fridays every week. In the beginning we ship every other day because of the hi volume..

- PAL Format DVD?
we can supply NTSC/Pal type DVD. If you live in Europe you will automatically receive Pal formatted DVD's.
North American and the Caribbean DVD's are always NTSC unless you specify Pal in a separate email

- Apologies: Apologize to all those who sent in Testimonials about their Pure Spiceness DVD and could not be featured here. You will have your chance again



24185; 52104 

Best Carnival DVD Out of Grenada By Far. I was a little concerned about the wait but I know the quality coming from is always great, and it really was so once I recieved the product. I am happy I bought the product and look forward to building my collection every year

A. Walker (London)

Two words "Number One" I would say to every Grenadian, buy it for yourself first then buy a couple as a gift for your friends they will love you for doing that. It is really worth every penny. Thanks GC.

J. Courtney

I've seen them all but this is the DVD I play every time my friends come over. And each time I play it, I get the same excitement over and over again. The Pure SpiceNess DVD is the hardest hard.

D H. Lambert

It was the next best thing to living the experience. Thanks GC for bringing out such a wonderful DVD of Spice Mas. The sound and quality of picture made me feel like I was there all over again. I would highly recommended purchasing this DVD to any one who misses the carnival or those of us that wants to relive all the excitement. Keep up the good work GC, and catch you on the road.

P. Nurse (Toronto, Ontario)

I recieved My Pure Spiceness DVD and Loved it so much, I went back and bought another one for backup, its the best. I play it at every opportunity and still cant get tired of it. I play it when all my friend come over. Congratulations on a wonderful product.

E. Straker (Brooklyn NY)

Just a few simple words. “Buy it! You’ll Love it.” This is by far the best product on the market. I look at it at every opportunity.

V. Calliste (Long Island)

Woooow. All I could say is the thing Nice, Nice, Nice. Man get will never give you Crap, they have good stuff and trust me you will love.

P. Hutchinson (Brooklyn)

I go home every year for carnival and still decided to Buy the Pures Spiceness DVD just for keeps. But I ended up getting more than keep. I ended up with a real treasure. I love it from start to end. The quality is A+ all the way thru. I'm going home for carnival this year and already reserved my DVD thru You should do the same.

W. R. Salfarlie

I felt like if I was there. It's a really good DVD. Its the 2nd DVD I have from you guys and my collection has just started. I am going down for carnival again but this year and this time I want proof that I was there, I want to capture me in action.

C. Daniel

Showed very well I brought over entire family to see it and everybody liked it..Good product I will alway buy it. Thanks GC.

B. Joseph