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Headline:  " Kenroy Baptiste to host Managing Your Health via GBN's Klassic Radio/ "
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Radio and television broadcaster Kenroy Baptiste will host the all-new Managing Your Health via GBN’s Klassic Radio AM 540 and Baptiste is to host the live 2-hour health and fitness show every Sunday from 4:00p.m., as of November 18, 2007. However, the show will be re-scheduled to Thursdays from 8:05p.m., as of December 27, 2007. It is being produced by programme development, the flagship of Spice Productions – setting broadcasting standards. The objective is to inform, educate and inspire mass audiences on proper healthcare and management. In addition, links are being established with various health institutions and healthcare professionals which/who will be contributors to the show. The show’s content includes but is not limited to the following: Health Watch: Education on diseases, conditions and development of mankind, including diabetes, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer, kidney disease, arthritis, migraine headache, glaucoma, cataract, depression, stress, diarrhea, constipation, skin/eye/mouth infections, cuts/bruises, diarrhea, constipation, chicken pox, dengue fever, gastroenteritis, Avian Influenza (bird flu), tuberculosis, pneumonia, malaria, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, food poisoning, eating disorders (i.e. anorexia), sleep disorders, allergies, malnutrition, puberty, sore throat, asthma, cholera, hernia, genital warts, concussions, eczema, leptospirosis, fibrosis, measles, fatigue, jaundice, ageing, menstruation, menopause, ageing, sickle cell anaemia, pernicious anaemia, tonsillitis, upset stomach, abdominal pain, acne, rashes, mental illness, athlete’s foot, loss of libido (sex drive), anxiety, tetanus and meningitis; A Survival’s Story: The perspective of someone living with a disease or condition); Body Parts: Caring for internal and external parts of the body, including heart, lungs, brain, throat, bladder, bones, bowel, pelvis, nerves, colon, liver, blood vessels, muscles, kidney, spine, eyes, mouth, nose, ear, face, teeth, skin, vagina, penis, feet, toe nails, finger nails and hair. (Special focus will be on mental health, dental health, skin health, eye health, hair health, heart health, lung health, kidney health and bone health; Overcoming Addictions: Helping to rehabilitate people with addictions that pose serious risks to their health, including the use of alcohol, cigarette, marijuana, coffee, nicotine and caffeine – includes accounts of recovering addicts and former addicts; Healthy Choices: Emphasizing good nutrition habits (i.e. control of sugars and salts, wise foodstuff shopping, components of a balanced diet, water, dietary supplements, etc.), exercise/physical activity/recreation, massage/art therapies, sleep, good hygienic practices, family planning/birth control, immunization, health insurance/savings, breastfeeding, disease screening and management of pregnancy; Planting Time: Farmers’ tips for planting fruit and vegetables so as to encourage audiences to eat healthy; Herbal Remedies: The use of herbal remedies to treat diseases and conditions; Sports Medicine: The use of sports medicine for those involved in various disciplines, including athletics, football, netball, basketball, cricket, lawn tennis, swimming and cycling; Health & Fitness Directory: A health and fitness directory highlighting local, regional and international organizations/associations working in the interest of health; Health Buzz: Local, regional and international health news/events; Pollution Today: Discussions on pollution such as land, air, noise and water and its effects on health; Job Ticker: careers in the healthcare industry. Ask The Expert: A main feature is for listeners to phone-in/e-mail with their questions/observations. Managing Your Health: It starts with you - will look at the health of the new born, babies, young children, adolescents as well as men and women (including senior citizens and the elderly). ABOUT EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/HOST, MANAGING YOUR HEALTH: A radio & television broadcaster. Current stints include: anchor, GBN Television News; host, To The Point, GBN’s Klassic Radio; and co-executive producer/lead presenter, Spice Magazine, a production of Spice Productions, GBN’s Klassic Radio. Previous stints include: co-host, Teen Upbeat, Community Channel 6; anchor, Newsbreak, CaribUpdate News Service; co-host, Spice Capital Festival Magazine, Spice Capital Radio; and co-producer/host, Focus, GBN’s Klassic Radio. Kenroy Baptiste is also the voice of radio and television advertisements, public service announcements and features; and is the chairman of The Kenroy Baptiste Organization for the Poor and Needy.

Contact:   Kenroy Baptiste (anchorman)
Location:  Mt. Parnassus, St. George, Grenada