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GC - Obituaries
Obituary For - Chad Joseph Edgehill - Grenada

Name  " Chad Joseph Edgehill "
D.O.D  Thursday 29th March 2012
Parish From  St. George
District  Grand Mal
Place of Death  USA
Service Date
04/12/2012 @ 2:00pm


The Death is announced of Chad Joseph Edgehill of Grand Mal St. George
Who died on Thursday 29th March 2012 in the USA
At the age of 24

He was the son of: Myrna Ann-Marie Joseph attached to the dental department St. George Health Center & Anthony Benson Edgehill in the USA
Brother of: Joshua
Grandson of:Gillian Catherine Joseph in the USA, Catherine Edgehill in the USA, William Edgehill in the USA & Vivian Douglas in Grenada
Great grandson of: Iona Joseph
Nephew of: Tessa Edgehill Gittens in Canada, Rachel & Bernadette Joseph in the USA,Evelyn Mitchell & Judy Campbell in the USA, Arlene Edgehill in the UK, Buntin Sebastian & Crispin Edgehill, Reuben & Alister Edgehill, Ferron & Sebastian Joseph in the USA, Eric Andrew, Vivian Wicham, Kent, Reuben & Bernard Joseph in Grenada
Many many cousins including: Jayleem, Tyres Gittens, Daren Edgehill in Canada, J.J, Nicky & Roche Joseph, Danielle Campbell, Andrew Lessy, Kimberly Nicholas, Kellon & Kera Edgehill in the USA, Alisha & Ashley Joseph, Criston, Junior & Kianna & Jevon in Cuba
Other relatives and friends including: Yvonne Douglas & family, Raphael Joseph ambassador to Cuba, Dr. Keith Mitchell, Godwin Strachan & family, Eleanor, Kada, Doreen, Heromione, Patsy, Joycelyn in the USA, Denise Nicholas & family, Bassy Douglas & family, Bernadette Yearwood & family, Ermine St. John & family, Dr Glenis Andall, Jessy Andrews & family, Anestine Young, Eve Modeste & family, the Sylvester family, Wayne Phillip & family, Mickayel Goddard, Margaret Peters in New Jersey, the Cyrus family and Lawrell Frank & family, the LaBorde, Joseph, Edgehill, Douglas, Nicholas, Andrews & Clarence families, Mr. Dominic Jeremiah the graduating class of PBC 2004, Pastor & sister Welch, Pastor Baker & members of the Market Hill Evangelistic Center, Pastor and mebers of the Vendomme, Mt. Mortiz & Mirabeau Pentecostal churches, friends and neighbors of Grand Mal, Boca, Vendome & Moliniere

Special Info  The Funeral of the late Chad Joseph Edgehill Will take place on Thursday 12th April 2012 at 2:00pm Funeral service will be held at of the Market Hill Evangelistic Center And entombment at the St. George Center cemetery The body of the late Chad Joseph Edgehill will be removed from Otway/Bailey Funeral Home at 12:30 pm for the church Funeral Arrangements entrusted to Otway Bailey Funeral Home

may you rest in pease you are in god`s hand.

i am so srry for your lost he was the sweetest young man i ever knew he was always full of respect an comfort he was loved an cherished by many an will be missed greatly plz be strong
GRENADA [4/12/2012]

my deepst sympathy to myrna & benson i know what you are going through. remember that god never gives his children more than they can bear. trust in him for the strength to go through. we are all praying for you.

the cyrus family will like to extend their sincerest condolences to myrna,benson and the rest of the edgehill and joseph family on the untimely death of your son chad we will miss him may he rest in peace..
GRENADA & THE U.S.A [4/8/2012]

to my dear friend ann marie and the rest of the family of chad. the mcmeo and lazarus families extend our deepest sympathy to you. in the midst of your deep sorrow, may you find comfort in the fond memories that you shared with chad. he will be missed. may he rest in peace.
GRENADA [4/7/2012]

mona god is good may the memories of the time spend with your son and the grace of god get you through this difficult time just know that you will continually be in my prayers may chad rest in peace.
USA/ST KITTS [4/6/2012]

myrna, words can't express the shock of chad's passing and the reality that it actually happened. but i know he is in a good place right now and you must take comfort in that fact. hold strong and know that god will see you through this, for his mercy is we all pray for your continued strength.
CROCHU, ST. ANDREW [4/6/2012]

to our cuz ,fear well & you go be missed by everyone
CANADA [4/5/2012]

my extreme condolences to the joseph family. may the lord jesus comfort your spirits. rest on him when things don't make sense.
BRONX. NY [4/5/2012]

the lord gives and he takes away. i wish chads family and friends, gods grace and mercy in this trying time and hope your comforted in the fact that chad was extraordinary and meant allot to so many. i was blessed to know him even if it was a short time.
BROOKLYN [4/5/2012]

hi juvie, this is a message i would have sent to u ig u was still alive. i would have ask how u were doing and when we could hang out and catch up on the old days at wcc. am sorry u wont be getting this, but am very sure u re in a better place right know, saying to me bukky dont cry cos every thing will be just fine. chad mum, this is bukky pls accept my condolences. u were the most most happy and proud mother and for the few hours i spent with u , i knew chad was lucky to jave u as a mother. i knew chad loves u cos he constantly talk about u. may his perfect soul rest in in peace. love bukky.
THE BRONX [4/5/2012]

to anne marie please accept my condolences to you and your family. my prayers are with you in this time of grief and loss. i will continue to pray for you and keep your family in my prayers. may he rest in peace. sincerely, bajan & family
WINSTON SALEM, NC [4/4/2012]

cuz! may the good lord give u the strength and courage to go through this difficult time. i'm so sorry i can't be there with you. i pray god will watch over u and give u the strength to move on. i love u mona!!
BROOKLYN [4/4/2012]

to mona may the lives chad touch and the smiles that were shared bring you comfort
HAPPY HILL [4/4/2012]

with deepest sympathy to mona this is a hard one to swallow but girl just try to remember chad's smile his words his laugh the sound of it and all the joyous moment chad and you had together. and may you find strength in the lord,just ask him for the strength he will answer you.chad will be miss by all even if you don't know him just his smile you will wish he was your friend. may his soul r.i.p.
HAPPY HILL [4/4/2012]

the noel and dowden family will like to extend their sincerest condolences to mona and her family and benson and his family, on the unfortunate and untimely death of their son. there are no words to describe the utter grief that you are feeling right now, i cannot possibly imagine the shock and sorrow that has been thrust on the family as well. may your memories bring you comfort knowing that he brought joy into the lives of others while he was alive.
YORK, PA [4/4/2012]

hu,chad had been the most loving person that a mother could ever ask for, he had showned his mother so much love that one will not believ it. i remeber wen he came to grenada last year he never had forgotten any one name, he would come by the road n sit with my brothers n just ole talk he was a very friendly person, he always say hi to any one that he meet on the street n had a lil chat with them even if it was for a 2 minutes.i know that this will be tough for your mom but i know she will make it through with the grace of god n the love that u both shared for each other along with family members n friends. miss mona hold strong god will see u through this, we all loved chad n will miss him greatly. r.i.p chad

chad was the 2nd closest friend i made when i came to the u.s. we meet at westchester community college, freshman year, and ever since than we have remained friends. his spark and sense of humor and liveliness was felt on campus, he spoke and interacted with people, as if he knew them. one min, hour or day with chad felt like a life time, he left an impression that made you wonder if you knew each other longer than that moment. his passing has hit home, he was kind, funny, intelligent, caring, and gentle, though stubborn at times, chad was loving and ambitious, always challenging and striving for better, despite his obstacles. ms. myrna i meet you once during his graduation, just know that he loved and cherished you, and whatever he could do to please you if possible he would do, the same goes for his family and friends. chad will be missed and cherished, he was truly a blessing. i live you with ecclesiastes 3; there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: r.i.p chad j. edgehill a.k.a juvie b. (love always essie)
MANHATTAN, NY [4/4/2012]

to mona and the edghill family what a shock! can't believe it. take comfort in knowing that chad is a beautiful young man. remember the smile and the joy he brought to all who knew him. god knows best.
BROOKLYN NY [4/4/2012]

i don't know if words could express how i feel but i have know chad all my life he was indeed a kind person who always knew how to make someone smile. all i have now is memories that will last a life time. be strong ms. mona god knows best. sometimes we ask ourself the question why? but remember god knows best. you are in my prayers. r.i.p my friend rest in peace.....
ST. PAULS, GRENADA [4/4/2012]

on behalf of the gill family i would like send condolences to mona and family on the passing of her son may god bless you and give you strenght and may his soul rest in peace...
TORONTO [4/4/2012]

my condoulences to your family juvie me and you were more than friends we worked by ouyr side for yrs we hold each other down in very difficult situations i remember fealing my worst and calling you and you really knew how to cheer some one up. i love you and yours.. my family also send our dear condolounces... i wish i couldve said goodbye..
BRONX, NY [4/4/2012]

our condolences are extended to chad's mom mona, dad benson, close friends and the rest of the edgehill family. we regret the passing of our dear cousin chad. may he r.i.p.
BROOKLYN [4/3/2012]

sympthy goes out to morna and family stay strong in the lord. god will take care of you. love you girl.

our deepest condolences to the edgehill family we share your grief with you.
OSLO NORWAY [4/3/2012]

my condolences goes out to the edghill family.
BROOKLYN, N.Y [4/3/2012]

my deepest sympathy goes out to my sister and the rest of the edgehill,joseph,douglas nicholas and lawrance family on the lost of our dearest son,nephew,cousin may the lord continues to strengthen us in our time of sorrows one but not forgotten !!! aunty loves you chad very much !!!!!
CANADA [4/3/2012]

my deepest sympathy to the family
TORONTO, ON [4/3/2012]

my heart goes out to the edgehill family especially my good friend buntin and mona on the lost of chad iknow you guys are hurting .ihope you all find comfort in prays.may his soul rest in peace.
BROOKLYN, NY [4/3/2012]

we met at westchester community college in valhalla ny.i am going to miss chad dearly it hurts my heart that he is gone so young. i am going to cherish all the good times that we had together. my condolences to the edgehill family much love and respect.god bless
YONKERS NY [4/3/2012]

my dear myrna, i am deeply saddened to hear of chad's death. even though i never met him, i felt like i knew him because we spoke of our children all the time. we prayed for each other and for the children. god is watching over you in this time of sorrow. he knows your heart and he will never leave you comfortless. you know that he keeps his promise. trust him my dear friend and lean not on your own understanding. he will direct your path. chad is gone to soon. be comforted that you will see him again. r.i.p. chad
TORONTO, CANADA [4/3/2012]

you will be missed dearly. my regards to his family.
UNITED STATES [4/2/2012]

i didn't know your son for to long but in the short time i did know him i know he had a very pleasant heart. i am truly sorry for your loss. god called another one of his angels home and now he watches over all of his family and friends seated at the right hand of his heavenly father. i could ask over and over why this had to happen but i know that god doesn't make mistakes. just know that the time chad had on this earth he blessed all hose he came in contact with and that alone will keep him alive in your hearts. god bless you all! r.i.p.
NEW YORK, NY [4/2/2012]

to myrna and family may the lord hold you in his arms in the time of sorrow god will take care of him be strong; chad may you rest in peace..

my deepest sympathy go out to the edgehill family during this sad loss of chad may god be with you in your time of sorrow
BROOKLYN NY [4/2/2012]

the son i did not give birth to; the brother my son had ; u called me mammy said said said dont know what to say gone to soon to soon rest in peace my son u will be dear to my heart celia jonney free stephen
BROOKLYN NY [4/2/2012]

our heartfelt condolences to mona on the passing of your prince 'chad'. it is hard, and we all know, but my dear, this is the lord's calling - remember we have no control over death. you will miss him and we all will, but remember the god in the good times is the god in the bad times; the god of the day is the god in the night. we cannot and will not dare question him. he is in total control. he has all the are in our prayers dear cousin and remember you are never alone.just keep trusting in him.
VENDOME [4/2/2012]